Mens Shirting Fabric

Mens Shirting Fabric is a specialized textile designed specifically for crafting superior-quality shirts for men. It is well known for its exceptional durability, excellent breathability, and comfortable feel, making it a perfect choice for both formal and casual attire.

Roto Fabrics

Roto Fabrics, a category of woven textiles, are renowned for their rugged texture and remarkable resilience. They are commonly employed in creating robust and enduring garments, upholstery, and home decor pieces.

Check Fabric

Check Fabric is distinguished by a pattern of squares or checks made by crossing horizontal and vertical lines. It is a versatile fabric that is widely used to bring a touch of traditional and timeless design to shirts, dresses, and home furnishings.


Linen And Cotton Fabric

Linen and Cotton Fabric mixes linen and cotton natural fibres to produce a fabric that combines the best of both materials. Its lightweight feel, breathability, and graceful drape make it perfect for a wide range of apparel and home textiles.

All Plain Quality Mix Fabric

All Plain Quality Mix Fabric is a fabric type that consists of a combination of several fibres, resulting in a versatile and durable textile that may be used for a variety of purposes. It is distinguished by its plain or solid colour look.


Hat Trick Print Fabric

Hat Trick Print Fabric is a one-of-a-kind print design that typically includes hats, symbols organized in an eye-catching pattern. This fabric is primarily used to create statement pieces as well as to provide visual interest to different clothing and accessories.

Hot Print Fabric

Hot Print Fabric is distinguished by its vibrant prints that instantly captivate the eye. It is renowned for its striking colors and dynamic patterns, making it an excellent choice for crafting daring and expressive garments.

One Day Print Fabric

One Day Print Fabric refers to textiles with prints that are popular for a brief time and often represent current trends and tastes. It provides a quick and trendy way to create clothing with a modern style.

Rain Card

Rain Card fabric is a type of specialized cloth with water resistant or waterproof qualities. It is often used to make raincoats, jackets, and outdoor clothing that protects against moisture and damp weather.


cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is a flexible textile made from cotton plant fibres. Its softness, breathability, and absorbency are highly regarded. The offered fabric is popularly used in the making of apparels, household textiles, and accessories.

fila fil

The available fila Fil fabric showcases a unique textured look, adding a distinctive touch to garments. It is frequently employed to create captivating and textured designs that stand out.

zig zag dobby

The zigzag Dobby fabric has a dobby weave pattern that forms a zigzag pattern that repeats. This fabric is popular because to its textured look and may be used for a wide range of garments, upholstery, and ornamental uses.


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